Architecture + Self Construction Workshop

In Mazara, an unexpressed heritage is sleeping.
Quarries occupy an area of ​​about two hundred thousand square meters: a system divided into galleries, gardens, open-air spaces. Not all are visible: some rest beneath the ground, guarding precious traces of the past.
As Eco, a two-thousand-square-meters hypogean quarry discovered last year, by the founders of Periferica, during a survey work for Evocava – the future museum of Mazara quarries.

Participants will have the task of detecting, designing and transforming this underground quarry brought to light after centuries of neglect.
In continuity with the work done during the last edition, they will go through different phases with the aim of producing new solutions and contents for the museum of the quarries.

Also, they will be able to collaborate with experts and pass from the analysis phase to the participating construction site.

80 hours – 3 phases+ final exhibition
architecture | production | construction

Coordinator – Francesco LipariOFL Architecture (IT)
Powered by Corso Legnami, Linvea SRL, GeoloGIS
Sponsored by OAPPC Trapani, Comune di Mazara del Vallo

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Phase 1

Project area has never been detected.
The particularly irregular morphology, and the partial inaccessibility, suggest the use of innovative tools.

In collaboration with GeoloGIS, you will deepen techniques, software and tools for the indirect survey of the underground cathedral.

Outputs will be used not only as an analysis tool, but will themselves become contents for the terminal part of the museum.

Phase 2

The Museum looks like a diaphragm between the urban reality and the hypogean one, which is discovered through a path articulated in gradually increasing environments, up to the underground quarry of over two thousand square meters.

Together with your group, you will develop new perspectives of use for underground cathedral, starting from the relationship with his surroundings and in continuity with Evocava.

Projects will address the issue of safety, protection and cultural fruition. Coordinated by Francesco Lipari / OFL Architecture, and with the support of Tutors, participants will have to develop new solutions for the underground quarry.

Phase 3

Switch from project to construction site and, together with your group, develop an exhibition system to show your contents, keeping in mind the fruition system and the perception of the space in which they are inserted.

Coordinated by Marco Terranova / Senza Studio you will learn wood cutting, processing and assembly techniques together with other experts and new builders, using quality wood from Corso Legnami. Protect it with excellence product offered by Linvea.

Phase 4
Final Exhibition

Your project will be part of a permanent exhibition inside the Museum, which will thus be able to tell a new vision about the future of the underground cathedral.