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While a virus is spreading around the world, a man is quarantined in a cultural park.
End is unpredictable, hands are ready. Wi-fi is open. Everyone is welcome.

I am the virus / We are not the virus
is an artist-in-through-residence program developed by Carlo Roccafiorita during his quarantine in Periferica -a 4500sq co-created cultural park based in Italy- which is founder and director.

Carlo will live in this place until the end of the pandemic. Like a virus, he will live in a miniature world, by dividing it into two parts: a destructive one and a productive one.

– The destructive part (I am the virus) will host “first day – last day”, a streaming performance where every day, for 10 minutes starting at 12, he will always dig in the same place until the end of the pandemic is declared;

– The productive part (We are not the Virus) is a totally empty space. Creatives from all over the world are invited to participate with an artwork, that will be produced through him. Artwork with no specific theme, doable in max 3 days only through the hand of a temporary avatar. While every form of art is accepted, artwork must be doable with limited resources. For years, Periferica has hosted several artists and creatives,  who have been here to run a collaborative, inclusive and open-sourced process of urban regeneration. The aim of this experiment is trying to explore the limits of traditional forms of co-production, while using the available tools in this pandemic situation. Download the Brief for every details.

In pandemic times, how the forms of artistic and creative co-production will adapt?  What are the limits of co-creation, and what is the value of the current models of interaction? Which role can independent places of culture play?


Calendar in progress

¹ Everyday live video on Periferica Instagram (h: GMT+2)
– at 12 I Am the Virus performance for 10 minutes;
– at 18 I Am Not The Virus production with the involved artist.
² About co-production, I could observe a day off to rest.

SAT 18TH APR 12:00 – I am The Virus / 18:00 – Claudio Patanè
SUN 19TH APR 12:00 – I am The Virus / 18:00 – Claudio Patanè
MON 20TH APR 12:00 – I am The Virus / 18:00 – Claudio Patanè

Artists already involved in order of production
¹ Gola Hundun
² Claudio Patanè
³ Federica Ditta
³ Cristiano Pesca
Giulio Vesprini
Greg Jager
Andrea Marchese
Jona Di Paola
Davide Tagliabue
[more TBA]

I Am the Virus / We Are not the Virus
collaborative art project
from the first to the last day of pandemia
Mazara, Sicily – ITALY